Module IV: Cross-cultural Communication

Aim: The aim of the cross-cultural communication module is to offer teachers specific methods for integrating cross-cultural communication into language lessons. Through the handled topics the teachers will be shown how to draw students' attention to different aspects of different cultures, especially those that affect the efficiency of communication.

Main emphasis is on characteristics of cross-cultural communication, pragmatics, and teaching methodologies of communication strategies. Teachers are directed to use various conversational situations and role playing in teaching of communication strategies. They also gain knowledge of how to educate children on problems and misunderstandings in communication and their causes.

Lenght: 6 academic lessons, one study day.


  • Cross-cultural competence
  • Communication norms in different cultures
  • Pragmatism
  • Communication styles and mistakes
  • Cross-cultural differences and communication between representatives of different cultures
  • Business communication
  • Courtesy
  • Silence, feedback, and their role in different cultures
  • Register and distance
  • Time
  • Stereotypes
  • Culture shock
  • Non-verbal communication

At the end of the day the teachers have and overview of different cultures' communication peculiarities and practical methods for bringing cross-cultural communication into the classroom.